Kris Kobach Earns Endorsement From Kansas Sheriffs

Mr. Kobach can easily claim "law & order" credentials but, in fairness, we can't help but notice the glaring omission of Johnson County law enforcement from this presser . . . The KC metro "Golden Ghetto" enclave has always been politically hostile to this immigration enforcer and thwarted his ambitions throughout his career.

Nevertheless, here's the latest from his camp . . .

Kansas Sheriffs Endorse Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General

July 26, 2021 (Topeka) — Several leading Kansas sheriffs announced their support today for Kris Kobach, the experienced conservative candidate in the race for Kansas Attorney General.

“Kris Kobach is a trusted conservative who will back the blue and protect the Constitution,” said Jackson County Sheriff Tim Morse. “His experience fighting the ACLU in court shows that he isn’t afraid to take on extreme leftists to defend our constitutional rights. He is the law and order candidate in this race, and I offer Kris Kobach my full endorsement.”

County sheriffs serve as the first line of defense against crime and against unconstitutional orders and mandates, and they count on a competent Attorney General to serve as the last line of defense.

“As a law enforcement administrator, I know Kris Kobach has our back," said Ness County Sheriff, Brandon Mitchell. "As a constitutional lawyer, he is the most qualified and experienced candidate to serve as Kansas’s top law enforcement officer. Kris backs the blue, and we back him”

Sheriffs noted that crime is running rampant where the radical left has been left unchallenged. Violent crimes surged by 3% in 2020, and the number of murders in the U.S. jumped by 25% at the same time leftists demanded to defund the police. They recognize how critical a knowledgeable Attorney General with a strong backbone is to keeping Kansas families safe.

“Law enforcement protects our property and our families, and I will always have their backs," said Kris Kobach. "I am honored by the trust Kansas sheriffs have in me, and I am grateful for their support.”
Kobach currently represents four Texas sheriffs in a lawsuit against the Biden administration. The suit focuses on the administration issuing a memorandum that prevents sheriffs and ICE agents from detaining and removing from the county illegal aliens who commit serious crimes.
The county sheriffs endorsing Kris Kobach protect and serve in communities across the Sunflower State. They include:
Brian Hill, Shawnee County Sheriff
Bill Carr, Ford County Sheriff
Kris Casper, Wichita County Sheriff
Andy Dedeke, Leavenworth County Sheriff
Kevin Friend, Linn County Sheriff
Scott King, Pawnee County Sheriff
John Merchant, Brown County Sheriff
Brandon Mitchell, Ness County Sheriff
Tim Morse, Jackson County Sheriff
Vernon Valentine, Anderson County Sheriff


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