KCPD Confronts Racially Charged Reporting

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TKC Reader: Local Reporting Observed

This morning, KCTV5s lead story online was about the five Kansas City Police Officers who have been charged with different crimes over the last year and their current paid suspended status with the department.  

If my searching is correct, all five have been charged in Jackson County by JPB (1 Manslaughter, 3 Felony Assault, and 1 Misdemeanor Assault).

The story also included remarks from local activists who believed all five should be fired and not be on paid suspension., as well as remarks from the mayor who agreed with the department’s paid suspension statuses.  

At the end, they were sure to note the races of the officers involved and the races of the victims in each case.   I don’t seem to remember any of these investigations and their news releases by JPB having race as a motivating factor.  Of course it is a characteristic or element of each case, as it always can be, but it’s more or less a moot point for this story.  

That being said, less than 20 minutes after posting the story, it was removed (from their most popular social media outlets.)   Why? No idea.

Despite there being probable cause to charge on these case s(questioned by some), ALL citizens, including the police are innocent until proven guilty.  These five have not been tried or convicted yet, except for in the eyes of the media, a few pastors, and JPB.   It didn’t take much time to find stories from other cities where officers were charged and fired immediately by the city or department.  Some were later acquitted or charges were dropped, only for massive wrongful termination suits to follow.  Definitely something the city doesn’t need right now.  

Maybe KCTV5 remembered what due process is after posting their lead story.  Maybe not. 


TKC brief aside . . . We found the story and readers can check it here . . . 

5 Kansas City officers charged with crimes still on the job

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