KC Homeless Update: City Union Mission Seyz They Have Room

The only problem with this offer is that residents have to maintain a very forgiving code of conduct.

Nevertheless, here's the word . . .

“Our staff is always watching, learning, and listening to those we serve — the homeless men, women and families that come through our doors. We want to remove any barriers that might keep them from seeking the assistance that City Union Mission can provide,” CEO Dr. Terry Megli said. “We continue to enhance and advance our approach to address the homeless issue in Kansas City.”

The Mission has served Kansas City for nearly 100 years, providing resources for the poor and the homeless in Kansas City. In an effort to continue “standing in the gap” for their clients, the Mission has been working on ways to improve best practices.

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City Union Mission offers beds in men's shelter

Abby Hoover Managing Editor As a 90-day hotel stay for Kansas City's unhoused population expired last week without further action from local officials, local nonprofit City Union Mission announces vacancy at its Men's Shelter. "In response to the ever-changing needs of Kansas City, City Union Mission stands ready to support the needs of the poor and homeless," according to a press release from the Mission.