Karen Logically Considers N-Word Fairness (Lulz)

Because we always desperately search for silliness on the local Internets. Right now we find a gem that reminds us that the American "culture war" isn't going to end any time soon.

A hopeful line from a clueless screed . . .

"It would be inconsistent with persons who want equality to punish the teacher/coach who repeated an expletive to a student who used the same expletive. If the teacher is punished -beyond a lesson on common sense- then in the interest of equity the student should receive similar consequences."

That's powerful ciphering which attempts to outwit the current cultural shift, critical race theory and some of my favorite #TBT comedy sketches

Unfortunate, the suburban scribe imagines a world where logic and/or fairness is part of the equation of the political discourse. 

Good luck with that.

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Equity In Speech

July 3, 2021 Opinion ~ Letter to Editor I am absolutely in support of equity for all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or general irritability.