Kansas Senator Jerry Moran Sends Cuban Protesters Shout Out

Sorry this took awhile to find but it's worth doubling back in order to mention inasmuch as the protests were significant but didn't have much of a local political connection.

Accordingly, this was a welcome mention and worth a quick look . . .

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran: Standing with the People of Cuba

After 60 years of Communist rule, 11 million Cubans deserve better. They deserve freedom; they deserve dignity; they deserve hope. On Monday evening, I spoke on the Senate floor to voice my support for the Cuban people as they advocate for a government that can meet their basic needs of food, medicine and political rights. As demonstrations to enact change in Havana continue, I pray that they be peaceful and effective at bringing about a brighter tomorrow for Cuba.

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Following my floor speech, I introduced a Senate resolution with Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida in support of the people of Cuba as they lead protests throughout the island against six decades of repression and tyranny from the Castro and Díaz-Canel regime.

I will continue to support their ongoing calls for freedom. The Cuban people ought to have a government that can meet their basic needs and this resolution recognizes the courage of the Cuban people who are risking their livelihoods – and possibly their lives – for freedoms they are currently being denied.

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