Kansas Denies Teaching Critical Race Theory

Today education official proclamation hasn't inspired confidence from the public.

First, check the pronouncement that hopes to quell red state conservative outcry over cable news outrage pr0n . . .

State Board of Education: Critical race theory not taught in Kansas schools

How should the Department of Defense think about critical Race theory? Could I make a comment, Secretary? I'm sorry. I'm very limited on my time. Generally, I just want to make comment that the final. But I've I've asked the question to Secretary Austin, I don't know what the what the issue for wallets about a similar subject of the stand down and race theory.

Here's the right-wing response from a pay-for-play sponsored blog . . .

KSDE denial of critical race theory is just another fairy tale - The Sentinel

The rapidly growing backlash against critical race theory yesterday prompted the Kansas Department of Education (KSDE) to deny that CRT is included in curriculum standards. Commissioner Randy Watson said the K-thru-12 history, government, and social studies standards have "never, ever included Critical Race Theory, nor does it today."

You decide . . .