Kansas City Wants To Be STL Despite Hopeless Crime

TKC isn't merely one of many local residents who think that Kansas City should resist following down the same path as STL . . . Even if our local political elite want to take us in that direction.

We can see the allure . . . Here's a politically correct power move that would make any Midwestern leader jealous . . .

$10 Billion Proposal From Rep. Bush Would Move Crisis Response To New Agency Staffed By Social Workers

Congresswoman Cori Bush's new bill is called the People's Response Act. It's a $10 billion package aimed at putting community organizations, social workers and nurses on the front lines of the nation's mental health crisis - and scaling back the role of law enforcement. She explains why.

However, more importantly, check this slice of life that offers a more important view at street level . . .

St. Louis police searching for suspect who attacked man, took his prosthetic leg

Robbery took place in Dutchtown neighborhood early Friday ST. LOUIS - Police are looking for a man in his late 20s or early 30s who struck a 56-year-old man in the face, knocked him down, punched and choked him while he was on the ground, then robbed him.

Developing . . .