Kansas City Tiny Homes Stay Losing Again!!!

The local homeless agenda suffered another setback today at 12th & Oak. 

The reality of a so-called "solution" along with a petty cash fund and sketchy ordinances earned push back citywide. 

Here's a worthwhile money line . . . 

City Manager Brian Platt cautioned Thursday that the city doesn’t have other good options for many of those families once the hotel contract ends.

“People are going to end up on the streets,” he said, adding that not enough other shelter beds exist to fulfill the need.

Council members have been inundated with calls and emails about the proposal, many from residents who didn’t want the community near their neighborhoods.

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Kansas City Delays Its Decision On Buying 'Tiny Homes' As Temporary Help For Homelessness

The Kansas City Council delayed a decision Thursday on whether to create a "tiny house" village for about 200 people until they can find permanent housing. The proposal to spend $1.7 million in tax dollars for about 95 pallet homes got sent back to a committee for more discussion rather than a full-council vote on Thursday.