Kansas City Summer Homicide Vigil Tradition Restarts

First and foremost, this is a very sincere tribute from good people who care about Kansas City.

Secondly, and sadly, Summer is the "season of vigils" as the murder count continues to steadily tick upwards.

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Families of unsolved homicide victims raise awareness about startling number of Kansas City area cases

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) --- A sea of white papers on a lawn in at East 39 th Street and Crackerneck Road in Independence made a startling statement Saturday. Each flyer represented an unsolved homicide case from the Kansas City metro area. Some were recent, others dated as back as 1970.

Vigil held in Kansas City in honor of 530 unsolved homicide victims

There are 530 homicides in the Kansas City Metro area that remain unsolved. That number has continued to grow since 1970. Saturday, Corey's Network Incorporated, held a vigil for the 530 victims. It's been almost three years and still no justice for Keith Wasmer.

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