Kansas City Suffers Coffee Price Spike

This report was nearly as captivating as a hottie in her panties enjoying java . . . And far more informative.

As usual, we remind readers that's Kansas City is an underrated Midwest leader in the coffee game and there are quite a few bean peddlers who take this beverage VERY seriously.

Insight into the current jump in coffee prices other than the same inflationary surge impacting just about every other commodity and brand:

"The world's largest coffee producer Brazil is in a drought and there's a shortage of shipping containers."

Consider switching to decaf and read more . . .

Kansas City expert explains why coffee prices are rising again

A cup of coffee is how many people start the day. While prices have gone up during the pandemic, they could go up again.Coffee prices are rising."In the gas world, you and I would call this price gouging," said Tracy Allen, who's been in the coffee business since the 1980s.Allen runs a company called Brewed Behavior, helping developing countries grow and sell coffee.The world's largest coffee producer is Brazil and it is in a drought.