Kansas City Star Raises Subscription Prices Again & Attacks Local Biz

From the BEST & BRIGHTEST KICK-ASS TKC READERS we share just a bit dead-tree media pricing news.

A recent note from The Kansas City Star to their last remaining customers.

"IMPORTANT RATE INFORMATION - We appreciate your participation in our EZ Pay program. As part of ongoing efforts to provide you with the best local journalism, we have updated your subscription rate. Your new renewal rate will be $28.99 per month (plus tax if applicable). This change will be effective with your next payment."

Even worse . . . 

Very much like city hall, the newspaper is focused on cracking down against local small biz.

Angered by a Fox News a notable appearance, Fox News appearance. The newspaper offered reprisal on Sunday.

What's interesting here is that the story is safely hidden behind their paywall and, other than this tweet, the paper didn't offer much in the way of social media promotion knowing they they'd get slammed for it. 

To be fair, Jasper's is above TKC's pay grade and I could never afford to eat at the place . . . HOWEVER, targeting a beloved local biz owner is a new low for a "community" news organization  that no longer has much in common with most of the residents of this cowtown.

You decide . . .