Kansas City Star FAILS In Brookside Whilst Beacon Raises Big Bucks

Dead-Tree media distribution in one of Kansas City's last remaining middle-class enclaves is, quite literally, taking a hit after a newspaper delivery man was shot recently.

Brooksiders report the Kansas City Star, NYT and WSJ print issues haven't been delivered all week.

Newspaper delivery is a tough gig and requires early/late hours with a decent amount of heavy lifting . . . Even worse, it doesn't pay much so that might explain why the job has seemingly been unfilled.

In much better news . . .

A Kansas City pay-for-play political propaganda outlet is making a killing by way of donations and political money distribution. 

Here's a write-up from a JOURNALISM outlet that plays fast & loose with the numbers and doesn't realize that the content is mostly PAY-FOR-PLAY GARBAGE.

Go read it . . . There are no comments allowed but it's free and makes the golf magazines in your dentist's office read like letters to Penthouse.

Check their plan and send them your résumé . . .

"The Beacon has plans to create a regional network of nonprofit newsrooms across Kansas and Missouri. It has already raised a total of $3,989,000 through grants, gifts, and memberships to do it. Last week, The Wichita Beacon launched with three reporters, and plans to add an executive editor and fourth reporter in the coming months. The Kansas City team, meanwhile, is expected to grow to five reporters by the end of year."

Read more . . .

The Kansas City Beacon is expanding to a second city, Wichita, with nearly $4M raised

When The Beacon launched in Kansas City in March 2020, it was newsletter-only out of necessity. (Its website wasn't quite ready, but it had Covid-19 coverage to start publishing immediately.) For the news organization's second launch - The Wichita Beacon, which sent its first issue out last week - it was newsletter-first by choice.

And this reminds me why I should start charging the d-bags in the comments 5 bucks a pop. I'm sure they're good for it.

Developing . . .