Kansas City 'Sideshow' Chaos Continues

Earlier this year Mayor Q and the council did the right thing and empowered police to crack down on 'sideshows' along with other sketchy local auto events organized online.

The ordinance followed downtown Kansas City chaos that caught the attention of luxury high rise residents. 

Sadly, a young girl killed on Southwest Blvd at a sideshow event didn't merit that kind of attention but efforts to curb the road warrior chaos are important nevertheless. 

Unfortunately, the plan hasn't worked so far.

For those who haven't seen it already . . . Check this worthwhile report on local sideshows STILL OUT OF CONTROL in Downtown Kansas City . . .

Kansas City police break up group doing burnouts, shooting off fireworks outside of Union Station

New video from Sunday night and early Monday morning shows some illegal partying outside of Union Station.This video was taken around midnight near West Pershing and Kessler roads.You can see several cars doing burnouts and people even lighting fireworks in the streets.

Sideshows continue marking Kansas City streets

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A night of celebration turned into a nuisance for some Kansas City residents as sideshows continue to be a problem for downtown residents. People in Pershing Lofts got a second fireworks show hours after the Liberty Memorial celebration concluded. This time, accompanied by screeching tires.

Developing . . .