Amid widespread frustration with 12th & Oak policy along with some very real "cultural differences" betwixt people on the nice side of the bridge vs. the majority of KCMO . . . A selloff is now proposed. 

File this one right next to long shot plans for de-annexation.

This isn't a huge land mass but the move reminds us that boundaries change over time and Kansas City will always hold on to the airport but elected officials are more than willing to give back tracts of land and residents on the outskirts of town.

Check the legislation . . .

Ordinance #210623: Declaring certain real property generally located east of Maplewoods Parkway north of Shoal Creek Parkway, surplus to the City's needs; authorizing the Director of Public Works to offer the sale of the City’s interest in this real property in accordance with City regulations, and execute related documents to complete the transfer of the real property while reserving easements, as necessary, for any existing City owned sewer, storm water, and water line infrastructure on the said property; authorizing the negotiation, execution and the implementation of a Cooperative Agreement for an exchange and transfer of real property for the construction, location and maintenance of the “North Woodland Complete Streets Project North of Shoal Creek Parkway”, in the vicinity of North Woodland Avenue and Shoal Creek Parkway, in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri with Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development Inc.; directing the City Clerk to record this Ordinance with the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Clay County, Missouri; and recognizing an accelerated effective date.

Developing . . .