Kansas City Public Schools Proudly Teach Critical Race Theory

An embattled Kansas City Public School district has been "provisionally accredited" for nearly half a decade. 

For the past of 40 years the district has endured a dramatic reduction in student population along with a corresponding depletion of buildings, administration and, most importantly, community support. 

The reality is that many local parents actively avoid the district or seek education alternatives for their families. Local real estate agents often denote single-family properties which fall outside of KCPS boundaries as a selling point. 

Nevertheless . . .


Confirmation . . .

"Kansas City Public Schools, which was the only district to answer yes to both questions, said the district offers an African-Centered College Preparatory Academy, a magnet school for elementary and secondary students. The school board also recently approved a $5,000 1619 Education Project grant that aimed to help two teachers implement the project’s lesson plans in summer school."

Read more and check the progressive spin which ignores the local implication of questionable education policy and touts this news as a victory and sign that CRT isn't as widespread as news watchers might believe . . .

Kansas City only Missouri school district reporting it teaches 'critical race theory' * Missouri Independent

A survey of over 400 Missouri school districts found only Kansas City Public Schools reported that it uses a curriculum that both teaches lessons about critical race theory and includes the 1619 Project. Two other districts reported that they utilize the 1619 Project in their curriculum. The survey was requested by state Sen.