Kansas City Politicos Desperately Hype New KCI!!!

Critics warned us that the fate of Kansas City is tied into their airport.

If the new plan, building and dependence on a few big carriers doesn't work, this town will be burdened by BILLIONS worth of debt for generations. Read the agreement closely and beyond newsprint promises, KC is DEFINIATELY on the hook for the borrowed money.

And so, we notice that local political denizens seem eager to promote the "progress" of the airport.

For the latest example we check in with former newsman and local blogger Jimmy C for glowing praise of a cluttered temporary parking design and construction still in progress.

The new KCI is coming right along

I've wanted to get a close look -- as close as possible, anyway -- at construction progress on the $1.5 billion Kansas City International terminal for a long time, but I'd never had the occasion or the time to roam around the development site. That changed this morning, when I took Patty to the airport...

At this point they're still selling the new airport on drawings.

Moreover . . . Behind every bit of praise for the upcoming facility readers should ask about connections to unions and a diverse faction of politically engaged locals who have been recruited and benefit from New KCI hype.

Meanwhile, more critical readers understand that the future of the entire industry is in doubt in the aftermath of the pandemic . . . Read more:

Don't Let The Optimistic Talk Fool You. Airlines Still Have A Very Long Way To Go To Reach Full Recovery

When are "profits" not really profits? As we're about to find out when Delta Airlines on Wednesday kicks of the airline industry's second quarter results season, the answer to that question is: when companies that have not used a single drop of black ink on their books in more than 18 months are desperate to show that they finally - they think/hope - are climbing out of the red.

You decide . . .