Kansas City Police Supporters Starting Recall Against Council!!!

Here's an interesting twist to the Kansas City "defund the police" debate that has divided this cowtown along demographic, partisan and racial lines.

To wit and first on TKC . . .


Insiders say we'll start to see movement on this as soon as next week and so far there's no confirmation on which council member will be first on the list.

Please be Council Dude Eric Bunch!!!

It would make sense given that he is the most progressive member of council and only won his election by about 100 votes. Moreover, there really is no holding on to the 4th District for long given that this part of town is exceptionally fickle and changes their viewpoint on a whim and/or depending on the hairdo of Chris Cuomo.

The council members are easier to challenge given that voter turnout has always been relatively low. 

To be fair, there is also a great deal of frustration with 6th District Council Lady Andrea Bough but any opposition against her might incur the wrath of her federal judge hubby. 

 More deets . . . 

Of course, the big finale will be another challenge to Mayor Q. 

What we worry about here is that KCMO recalls require an allegation of malfeasance or misfeasance and argument before a Jackson County judge. A KC recall isn't just a signature collection drive, it's akin to legal case against an elected official and historically those efforts have been unsuccessful.

Still . . .

As more COVID crackdowns loom, police and their supporters seem serious about push back against 12th & Oak and their reprisal against the most progressive politicos in Kansas City is garnering a surprising amount of support. 

Developing . . .