This week Kansas City police will earn permission to live outside of city limits.

This is possibly the biggest disaster in cowtown history and something that could completely transform local life for the worse.

Many cynical activists will now have another excuse to brand law enforcement as occupiers instead of locals working to benefit the community.

The Fire Department will likely seek this same dispensation to exit KCMO given that so many of them live on the edge of town anyhoo . . .

More importantly . . .

New rules for po-po offer one more sign that law enforcement governance has become far too politicized in Kansas City. Effective crime fighting strategy is no longer the main concern. Instead, local politicos seem preoccupied with court battles focused on garnering money and power.

It gets worse . . .

Apparently the Kansas City Star has committed to becoming nothing more or less than an anti-police publication.

Real talk, the daily rag editorial board is now slightly to the left of Mother Jones and/or Angela Davis.

That's a dumb move that won't draw readers amid harsh times for print media. However, the biggest KCMO daily newspaper turning against cops with a vengeance provides yet another reason for police to leave town.

And so, the question of a Kansas City law enforcement exodus isn't really a matter of "if" but "when" and the answer is likely sooner than most people think.

Accordingly, we share a few links on the topic and hope TKC readers will offer insight, analysis and maybe even solutions instead of gloating over Kansas City's worst political FAIL in a generation.

Check-it . . .

Parson to sign bill that will ban most police chokeholds, loosen residency requirements for Kansas City police

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV/AP) --- Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is expected to sign legislation that will ban most chokeholds from police officers and loosen a residency requirement for members of the Kansas City Police Department. In a press release Friday, Parson announced he would sign this legislation during the upcoming week.

Five Kansas City police officers are charged with crimes. All remain on paid duty

Seven months after a grand jury indicted Kansas City police detective Eric DeValkenaere in the 2019 shooting death of Cameron Lamb, the department veteran was back on the job and receiving a paycheck, The Star has confirmed. Yet department policy says the police chief will put an employee facing criminal charges related to the use of his weapon on suspension without pay.

Mitch McConnell calls defunding the police 'utter nonsense' while discussing US crime spikes

The Left's "defund the police" movement is "utter nonsense" in light of rising crime rates in cities across the country, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said this week. "Last year, all of this talk about defunding the police was utter nonsense," McConnell told the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce on Thursday while back in his home state, according to WDRB-TV of Louisville.

White House: Actually, Republicans are trying to defund the police

WASHINGTON - The White House is responding to relentless Republican charges that it wants to "defund the police" by embracing the message that there are, in fact, politicians angling to starve law enforcement of needed money: congressional Republicans.

Roll the tape: Republicans release video of all the times Democrats wanted to 'defund the police'

EXCLUSIVE: The largest House conservative caucus on Friday released a mash-up video of the many times progressives have called for defunding the police to push back on Democrats' latest efforts to accuse the GOP of being the party that wants to cut law enforcement funds.

Defunding police amidst skyrocketing gun crime is a national embarrassment

Gun violence in the United States is currently at epidemic levels , with no sign of decreasing anytime soon. This level of violence, which has not been seen in recent memory, is endangering the American public more than ever, tearing apart the very fabric of our communities and country.

Kansas City defund the police effort 'destructive and deadly,' Missouri AG says as he files amicus brief

EXCLUSIVE: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt filed an amicus brief opposing Kansas City's efforts to defund its police department, arguing it is illegal and will have "destructive and deadly" consequences for residents following last year, which recorded the highest rate of murder in the city's history.

Developing . . .