Kansas City Pleads For COVID Mask Tolerance

There is more metro mask news to share but this snippet of the discourse resonated with a rather KICK-ASS TKC READER . . . Check-it:

Be Respectful

"With the mask mandate going back into effect on Monday, please be respectful to retail, grocery and any other public employees. Wearing a mask isn’t their idea, but you wearing yours keeps their business open and running. We’re all in this together as a community, so there is no need to take your anger out on someone who has no control of the situation."

The first response that was deleted in less than a minute . . .

Why don't you go *&#$&#&&# a #*&#&$ with your mask and try not to stick it in your @*#&*$&#& before telling me #*#*&$*$ about #*#&#* . . .

We'll report back if there was any progress in the discussion. In the meantime, here's more news on the topic of masks . . .

'This pandemic is not over': Children's Mercy Hospital urges parents to mask kids, vaccinate those eligible

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Children's Mercy Hospital announced Monday beds were at full capacity due to an increase in COVID patients, along with other illnesses . That new reality has Dr. Angela Myers concerned. "This pandemic is not over," she said. "The cases have continued to increase week after week throughout the month of July."

Independence health order encourages masks overall, requires them in city facilities

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) -- Independence Mayor Eileen Weir has issued a health order that will go into effect on Thursday, which encourages people to wear masks but will require them inside city facilities. As part of the health order, everyone is encouraged to wear masks indoors and avoid large groups.

Unified Government of Wyandotte County releases guidance for K-12 schools

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Unified Government of Wyandotte County on Wednesday released guidance for schools in the area to safely reopen as the school year approaches. According to the county, the guidance was based largely on what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended as cases of the delta variant rise in the area.

KCPS 'likely' to require masks after new mandate announced in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools are still deciding whether to require masks for the upcoming school year. KMBC 9 talked to the district about how the Kansas City mayor's new mask mandate affects their plans moving forward, and why some families think masking is the right move.

Developing . . .