Kansas City Petitioners Earn More Volunteers To Recall Councilman

Yesterday our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG community as FIRST to break news about important voter push back against a controversial council dude.

The latest developments . . .

There was a volunteer rally last night that earned a surprising number of folks wanting to pitch in . . .

Residents from the South Side are signing up to visit their 4th District neighbors in order to collect signatures. 

Even better, here's the recall kick-off presser that's worth another look . . .

Effort to Recall Anti-Police Councilman Eric Bunch

Fourth District Councilman Eric Bunch has repeatedly gone against the will of his constituents and needs to be recalled.

• January 12th, 2021–Bunch called for the Chief of Police to resign or to be fired without merit, bowing to the radical protesters who also call for defunding the police.

• May 20th, 2021–Bunch voted to defund KCPD by over 42 million dollars without constituent input and without guarantee that the money would go back to the police department.

We believe that Councilman Eric Bunch should be fired, not our Chief of Police. That is why today, we filed an affidavit with the city clerk to start the recall process of Councilman Eric Bunch.

We are confident that with the number of Fourth District constituents who feel their voice is not being represented at City Hall, we will reach the threshold of signatures necessary to put this on the ballot.

Taking KC Back – Ronda Smith Treasurer For more information visit Takekcback.com


Developing . . .