Kansas City Pet Taxi Dude Tribute

Local story that's worth a mention if only because we're surprised at the outpouring of sympathy and a great many people who are mourning the loss of a Kansas City metro animal caretaker.

Check the worthwhile glimpse at a growing community of pet care providers . . . Read more:

Kansas City metro animal-rescue groups mourn death of pet taxi driver

SPRING HILL, Kan. - Animal-rescue organizations in the Kansas City metro are mourning the death of a man who ran a pet taxi service locally but traveled around the country to help rescue creatures of all kinds. In 2019, David Hosch started a pet taxi service dubbed Sunflower Animal Transport.

KC animal advocates, friends remember transport driver killed in crash

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Animal advocates are remembering a devoted animal rescue volunteer who was killed in a crash while transporting a dog. David Hosch died following a crash around 8 a.m. Monday near U.S. 56 Highway and E2400 RD along the Douglas and Johnson County, Kansas line.