Kansas City Parks & Trails Rank Among Best Places To Get Killed

A pay-for-play political blog doesn't mention it but maybe people aren't satisfied with local parks and trails because they don't want to be murdered by a racist serial killer.

Just a guess.

Here's more local "journalism" that has a far more optimistic view of local life . . .

This year, 4,048 people responded to the 2020-21 survey. Compare the results to those from the 2019-20 survey, and you’ll notice some dramatic changes.

People are far more interested in the Health Department, for example. People are less satisfied with parks and recreation services. And the results don’t just get filed away in a dusty drawer — these surveys inform and impact where money is allocated in the future.

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Survey says: Kansas Citians want better sidewalks, streets and trail systems

Kansas City, Missouri, released the results from its latest citywide survey of resident priorities and satisfaction. Now, city officials are tasked with using the feedback to make changes.