Kansas City Offers Free Rent Stimmy


There's a very good chance that your landlord doesn't want to partner with city hall and take handouts that come with a great many strings attached. 

However . . . 

Some dutiful begging and maybe a sign of support and fealty for current Veep & future Prez Kamala might earn a bit of petty cash.

Right now the TKC front page has a bit too much Mayor Q on it but I wanted to remind dedicated readers of my favorite bad Photoshop from the spring . .

Here's the deal whilst the gubmint is still spending cash just as fast as they can print it . . .

If You Need Help Paying Rent, The Kansas City Area Has Millions Of Dollars Going Unused

Millions of dollars in rental assistance is still available for residents in Kansas City and Jackson County, Missouri. Both local governments were able to directly apply to the U.S. Department of Treasury for emergency rental assistance funding.

Developing . . .