Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art: Woke & Broke

Kansas City's favorite museum is burning money at an incredible rate and, sadly, progressive politics haven't helped the institution during the pandemic. 

Amid this financial disaster the Nelson hasn't backed down from their strident beliefs . . . For instance, the art museum honcho decried police on their property during riots on the Country Club Plaza.

And they even talked about residing on Native American land.

Accordingly, here's a peek at the cash that backs up this tough talk . . .

"Tax filings going back five years show that the museum’s expenses exceed revenue nearly every year. In the fiscal year 2020 documents, revenue was $11 million less than expenses . . . The Nelson-Atkins laid off 36 staff members — 15% of its workforce — amid the 25% budget cut in October 2020."

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How is KC's Nelson-Atkins Museum recovering from COVID losses?

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