Kansas City Metro Could Cash In From Worsening Global Climate Change

Despite the blathering of reactionaries on both sides of the aisle, the sky falling and global climate change represents an amazing economic opportunity for savvy business people who know how to snag government cash.

Sadly, if this global nightmare is real we've only got less than 12 years to spend it all as the world burns.

Money line for more optimistic TKC readers . . .

"Federal climate policy focused on areas like renewable energy and energy efficiency could bring 5,200 jobs to rural Kansas, according to research. Rural America in general would benefit from such policy."

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Kansas Can Gain Thousands of Jobs Via Federal Climate Policy

(TNS) - As climate change effects are felt across the nation and the national government considers combative action, a recent study found that investment in climate policy would only help rural communities, boosting the numbers of jobs and economic investment dollars.