Kansas City Mayor Q Forsakes Homeless!?!?

After months of pleading with the Mayor from voters, advisers and colleagues, the Mayor is clearly backing down from his support of the homeless.

For those who really care about the fate of our neighbors this is unfortunate. Agree or disagree with policy decisions, using people as political props is a cruel ploy. People who are down on their luck and living on the streets are targeted by a myriad of dangerous threats . . . Navigating the minefield of local politics shouldn't be a priority for these poor souls.

Accordingly, this quote from a recent report stands out because it reminds us that WE'RE TALKING ABOUT REAL PEOPLE HERE who are now right back where they started from after months of debate . . .

"Everybody wants to know what's going on with the mayor and why hasn’t he showed up because we want to talk to him," Handy said.

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Penn Valley Park camp for those experiencing homelessness to clear soon

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's only matter of time before the latest homeless camp at Penn Valley Park gets cleared, as proposed Kansas City, Missouri, ordinances addressing homelessness were again delayed from moving forward.