Kansas City LGBT Hate Crime By Homeless Alleged Near KCPD HQ

According the to family of a recent homicide victim, proclamations to diversity and inclusion didn't have much impact on local violence. Only a week after Pride month there's word that a local dude was killed by haters at the apex of municipal government and power.

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As a gay man who had been in and out of shelters and would take the bus to and from work at 12th and Locust, she said he faced challenges.

"I've been on phone calls several times where he's been threatened here in Kansas City. He's been told that if they see him downtown, he'll be killed,” Shauntice Wallace said.

"He said he was targeted coming down here in the downtown area. The homeless people were throwing rocks at my son,” his mother Karen Wallace said.

Wallace was killed at 12th and Locust in the area between City Hall, the courthouse and Kansas City Police Headquarters at 12:30 a.m. Monday, July 5.

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'He was targeted': Family believes Kansas City man was killed because he was gay

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The community was shocked when a person was shot and killed right outside Kansas City Police Headquarters early Monday morning. "Who would ever imagine that someone would be killed in front of the police station where everyone supposed to be protected," Pastor Timothy Hayes said.

Family of man gunned down outside KCPD HQ worry he was targeted

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Days after a gunman shot and killed De'Angelo Wallace in front of Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department Headquarters, his mother and sister want answers. "He didn't deserve that. He was not a violent person," Karen Wallace, his mother, said in a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

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