Kansas City Labor Comeback Stalled By Inflation?!?

A quick bit of economic news offers a counterpoint to the celebration of labor leaders and higher wages.

TKC reality check . . . 

Whilst we don't claim to understand macroeconomics, a few more bucks for workers might not be keeping up with SOARING COSTS amid the current epoch of free money from the feds.

Credit to hottie India for kind of explaining the phone ma with her biz casual skirt.

Even better . . . Check a local labor link and then some big picture news . . .

Kansas City labor leader weighs in on strange job report

A strange jobs report came out Friday. The number of jobs went up more than expected, but so did the unemployment rate. The numbers should have brought good news with 850,000 new jobs created during the month of June, which was more than expected.

'Pay them more': Biden uses stage whisper to tell business how to fix staff shortages

President Joe Biden has encouraged businesses to fix staffing shortages with a simple solution: more money. "Pay them more," Mr Biden said in a stage whisper for dramatic effect. "This is an employees' bargaining chip now." "They (businesses) are going to have to compete and pay people a decent wage," the president continued.

WATCH: Biden speaks on latest gains in jobs report

WASHINGTON (AP) - In an encouraging burst of hiring, America's employers added 850,000 jobs in June, well above the average of the previous three months and a sign that companies may be having an easier time finding enough workers to fill open jobs. Watch the president's remarks in the player above.

Inflation summer vs. recovery summer: Biden fights to win the narrative

Employment growth may be disappointing to some economists, but Biden officials note that wages are rising. Inflation is hitting consumers, but the Federal Reserve considers it transitory. Homeowners may have to wait months for furniture and appliance deliveries, but that's because the economy is roaring back faster than predicted.

Fed's Powell says high inflation temporary, will 'wane'

WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Tuesday responded to concerns from Republican lawmakers about spiking inflation by reiterating his view that current price increases will likely prove temporary. Consumer prices jumped 5% in May compared with a year earlier, the largest increase in 13 years.

Does Joe Biden's spending plan really risk high inflation?

light increases in the rate of inflation in the United States and Europe have triggered financial market anxieties. Has Joe Biden's administration risked overheating the economy with its $1.9tn (£1.3tn) rescue package and plans for additional spending to invest in infrastructure, job creation and bolstering American families?

Biden's Next Economic Headache?: Inflation Could Be Here to Stay Until 2022

A Federal Reserve official said Thursday that he expects prices for most goods and services to remain elevated through 2022 as consumers who are faced with an influx of pandemic cash race to spend it. "Those things I don't think are as easy to fix as some people think," James Bullard told Fox Business' s Maria Bartiromo.

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