Kansas City Homeless Motel Money Wasted

Cash for locals down on their luck is running out and homeless motel "guests" are now getting kicked out of their temporary lodging.

And so we ask . . .


Other than angering a great many neighborhoods, of course. 

Here's a peek at the marching orders . . . 

"In June, Kansas City extended the 90-day program, putting more than 400 homeless up in hotels until July 15. Otherwise it would have expired July 7.

"We wanted to make sure once we did end the program, we helped as many people as we could. We working with our partners on getting them transitional housing possibly moving in with relatives,” city spokesman John Baccala said.

"But FOX4 received multiple calls from residents and confirmed with multiple participating hotels that they were telling residents they had to be out by July 9."

And so the not-so-great KCMO homeless experiment results in hard feelings, no long term solutions, a machete attack and more than a few bums taking a dump in the city hall air vents.

Yes, sadly, we expect more camps, protests and demands in the very near future given that the only lasting achievement of this effort has been to galvanize a local "union" of homeless and champion yet another group of activists emboldened to demand funding from city hall.

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Homeless encouraged to move out of Kansas City hotels early

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The clock is ticking on a temporary program to house Kansas City's homeless in area hotels. The program was launched in April after many felt a plan to house homeless residents inside Bartle Hall was rushed and poorly executed, and homeless then began camping on the city's front lawn.

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