Kansas City Grid Goes Down Again

Typical summer rain and a bit of lightning knock out the lights for a big chunk of the metro this morning.

Here's the local note and a big picture perspective that'll probably cost customers more cash . . .

Overnight storms knock out power to thousands

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Early morning storms knocked out power to thousands across the metro. Shortly after 4:00 a.m., Evergy reported 955 outages affecting 49,530 customers. BPU reported nine outages affecting 106. Independence Power and Light reported 15 outages knocking out power to 543 customers.

Building a resilient, carbon-neutral electric grid requires energy 'superhighways'

The nation's electric grid is in the news again following catastrophic power failures in Texas and California during the past year. The bipartisan infrastructure framework was recently endorsed by the Biden administration. The electricity sector has been thought of as the "leading horse" when it comes to decarbonization.

Developing . . .