Kansas City Gambling On Comeback

Let us never forget that this town was founded by losers as a place where scumbags from across the nation could make a convenient stop so that they could casually engage in whoring, gambling and all manner of good times. 

To that end . . .

It's kind of an inside joke that the Kansas City street "end of the line" is a casino parking lot.

Accordingly, we can all celebrate the return of a riverboat gambling which serves as a profitable local tax on people who don't understand mathematical probability.

Read more at a developer blog that deserves a link because he's not hiding this note behind a paywall . . .

"A groundbreaking is expected soon on a $40 million redevelopment of the former Isle of Capri casino, now Casino KC, that includes a major facelift of the old ‘riverboat’ and a 40,000 square-foot retail addition.

"The City Council unanimously approved the rezoning required for the 30-acre riverfront project, which ultimately is expected to be connected to an extended streetcar line. The 25 year-old casino was purchased by Bally’s last year for $180 million."

Developing . . .