Kansas City Faith News Amid COVID & Culture War

Right now we notice a couple of worthwhile reads on the topic of faith in action. 

Both of these items should remind our AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY that political conversations can be divisive but they exist in a larger context.

First, a glimpse at native faith perceptions by way of white dude blogger Bill . .

Native American View of Faith Celebrates Connections With All That Surrounds Us

No doubt many people don't know or remember this, but the Indigenous people of this land - variously called Native Americans or American Indians - did not get legally recognized religious freedom until Congress passed the American Indian Religious Freedom Act in 1978.

And then a peek at what healthcare workers believe given their their job takes them to the front line betwixt life & death . . .

Faith in KC: KU Health System doctor on COVID-19 front lines discusses faith

Dr. Steven Stites of the University of Kansas Health System is one of the front line faces in KC's fight against COVID-19. In this edition of Faith in KC, he talks with Taylor Hemness about how he's used his faith as a guide during the pandemic.

Finally, we share a look at local, old-time religion . . .

Remembering The 'Prophetic Voice' Of Kansas City's Rev. Dr. Robert H. Meneilly

Editor's note: Bill Tammeus is a former columnist for The Kansas City Star and writes columns for The Presbyterian Outlook and formerly for The National Catholic Reporter.

You decide . . .