Kansas City Faith Blogger Asks: Would Jesus Deny Communion?!?

In a worthwhile post, Kansas City's most prolific author on the topic of faith and morals considers biblical precedent and a good example to consider amid a political slap fight betwixt Catholic bishops and progressive believers.

The eternal question that inspired a slew of trendy merch at the outset of this century: 

What Would Jesus Do???

Here's the setup . . .

"That he served everyone was a model of how to exercise power -- a difficult model because it shows that power can be used to include and not to exclude. Jesus drew the circle to include all and not to exclude anyone. Was that lack of discernment on his part?"

Read more for the answer . . .

Why Jesus didn't exclude anyone from Holy Communion

The internal Catholic battle over whether the church (or its bishops) can or should prevent certain politically active members (such as President Joe Biden) from receiving Communion, or the Eucharist, seems to mystify a lot of people. And no wonder....