Kansas City 'Electric Park' Comeback Sparks Hipster Boozing Hype

Today's promo news might inspire some of our functional alcoholic friends to remember Kansas City's glory days but the pr stunt is more important than good times.

From the looks of it this boozy park seems to be designed to give patrons a protected open-air venue so that poseurs can drink in peace.

The plan is smart given that public spaces over the past year have been dominate by protesters. 

This private venue seems to cater to upscale denizens with an appreciation of history . . . Kind of like Westport but far too pricey for the chubby broads from The Dotte . . . Which makes it completely uninteresting for TKC. 

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J. Rieger plans to relight 'Electric Park' in the East Bottoms, sling boozy snow-cones, cocktail floats

A new 11,000-square-foot outdoor space is set to open this fall at J. Rieger & Co., the historic East Bottoms-based distillery, with an homage to one of Kansas City's brightest but nearly forgotten eras.

J. Rieger & Co. unveils plans for Garden Bar near former amusement park

Well, we should preface this by saying that the amusement park, which was built in 1899 and once located a block away from J. Rieger & Co.'s current East Bottoms distillery, is no longer in operation. Because of Missouri's Prohibition laws at the time, the original J.

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