Kansas City Door-To-Door COVID Vaxx Campaign Starts

Prez Biden sparked backlash across the nation when he announced an effort ramp up COVID vaccinations by a door-to-door outreach effort.

Despite the cable news talk show punditry and rage-pr0n . . . The reality of the public health effort has been pretty tame.

In fact, it turns out they didn't recruit ANTIFA to force the vaxx on the suburbs. 

Instead, we notice a walking campaign that actually sounds nice if it wasn't so hot out.

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Truman Medical Centers team brings COVID-19 vaccines, information to 18th and Vine District

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Truman Medical Centers has been working to raise the COVID-19 vaccination rate since the vaccine came out, but health leaders are fighting some hesitancy. Members of TMC's Community Health team conducted a walking tour of the 18th and Vine Jazz District on Tuesday to raise vaccine awareness and to learn why unvaccinated people won't get the shot.