Kansas City Dive Bar Culture Celebrated

Everybody likes the IDEA of a dive bar but, like most things, the reality never matches up to sentimental thoughts.

Locals imagine a neighborhood haunt where regulars can relax feel like they're at home.

The truth is that most of dive bars are places where (barely) functional alcoholics hangout because they don't want to go home and everybody pretends not to notice the smell from the bathroom permeating the place. 

Here's a more generous description and a link that some of our hipster friends are drooling over . . . 

Kansas City was listed the 4th most dive bar saturated city in the US in 2014 by Travel and Leisure for a reason. We protect our cherished neighborhood corner bars, sports bars and dive bars like our own 401K.

The bars and pubs listed below are open and have been for the past 50 to 80 years.

Sadly, there's no data on how many livers, kidneys and families these places have destroyed over that time.

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