Kansas City COVID Delta Threat Worsens As Vaxx Effort Stalls

Once again the shadow of death looms over a Kansas City holiday weekend.

This time around we celebrate the birth of a nation and hope to avoid getting shot and or sick thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Whilst health officials propagate the MSM narrative . . . The reality on local streets and in so many pop-up clinics is that there is no more demand for the COVID vaccine.

Instead, this town is coping with threats, rising numbers and vague talk of more public health crackdowns.

Meanwhile, some conservatives continue denials that have been repeated in vain throughout the COVID-19 crisis that has fundamentally changed the United States and the world.

Here's a roundup of local news on the new strain of plague, fear and political debate . . .

Delta variant has Kansas City area experts worried about Fourth of July, hospitals filling up

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to health officials, the Delta variant is more contagious and more deadly than other COVID-19 variants. Right now, Missouri is the national hotspot for the Delta variant, and Kansas is bracing for that to spill over the state line.

Unified Government warns of growing number of COVID Delta variant cases

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - The Unified Government Department of Health announced Thursday that it has confirmed 22 cases so far of the Delta variant of COVID-19, including one death. "The Delta variant spreads more easily, making it a bigger threat to our community, especially since the majority of people in Wyandotte County have not received a COVID-19 vaccine," a statement read.

Kansas City metro health officials focus on COVID-19 vaccines, not mask mandates

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With an increase in cases of the COVID-19 delta variant in Kansas and Missouri, some might be wondering about possible mask mandates. But Kansas City metro doctors don't anticipate their return.

Media sounds alarm on Delta variant despite largely effective COVID vaccines

Members of the media are sounding the alarm on the Delta variant of the coronavirus that has been surging in recent weeks. MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd informed viewers of "breaking coronavirus news" as the country is "moving in the wrong direction" in combatting the pandemic, citing CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky who announced on Thursday that there's been a "10 percent increase" in cases and that "25 percent" of those are from the more contagious Delta variant.

What the delta variant means for Americans this summer

The delta variant now makes up more than 26% of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and has been detected in all 50 states, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Just a month ago, the variant, which was first identified in India, made up just 3% of new cases in the U.S.

J&J Covid-19 vaccine lasts at least 8 months, protects against Delta variant, studies find

The Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine provides immunity that lasts at least eight months, and it appears to provide adequate protection against the worrying Delta variant, the company said in a statement Thursday night.

White House to deploy response teams across the U.S. to combat delta Covid variant

The White House is deploying Covid-19 response teams across the United States focused on combatting the highly contagious delta variant, the Biden administration announced Thursday.

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