Kansas City Homicide Count Hits #82 So Far In 2021

Tonight police are responding to a homicide scene in the 3200 block of Woodland.

We'll have more deets as they're available for right now let's take a look at where the KCMO homicide count stands. 

Update . . . The report is so bad we need to post a separate update. Three fatalities documented.

Again, unofficially, this brings the homicide count to 82 so far in 2021.

Last year, Kansas City broke the all-time killing record with 179. There were already 101 homicides around this date on the calendar.  

However, let's not confuse this year's lower count with progress. 

In 2019 KCMO only counted 75 homicides at this time with a total of 151. 2018 recorded 64 killings at this point with a tragic year end sum of 138. And there were 77 deadly reports in mid-July of 2017 for a result of 151 homicides.

Overall, deadly violence has been steadily trending upward in Kansas City for about a decade.

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