Kansas City Conservatives Play 'Cafeteria Catholic' As Well

Discussing archaic Catholic doctrine is morally superior to debate over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin even if it's equally as useless.

Still . . . 

After a bold declaration by the pope arguing against the Latin Mass, what we notice is that our right-wing Kansas City Catholic friends are quiet about the decision and would rather politely ignore the guidance and proceed without interruption.

This brings to mind a term that was often thrown at left-wing Catholics and women who didn't want priests offering medical advice . . . 

"The term cafeteria Catholic is applied to those who assert a Catholic faith yet dissent from one or more doctrinal or moral teachings of the Catholic church or who are viewed as dissenting by those using the term."

Sure . . .

There was a secret letter shared by the KCK Archbishop giving Latin Mass lovers a wink, nod, slap & tickle but the message is nowhere to be found on official church websites or social media outlets.

Moreover . . .

The KCK Archbishop is full of bravado and bluster when he talks about snatching away the President's communion wafer but he's on the "down low" regarding the topic of quietly ignoring the new progressive Pope. Real talk: It's a longstanding Catholic tradition to engage in questionable practices out of public view.

To be fair, TKC isn't going to a Latin mass so they can dance with snakes for all I care . . . 

Anyone who studies organized religion seriously knows that hypocrisy comes with the territory. 

Still, turnabout is fair play inasmuch as conservative Catholics and ALL OF HUMANITY only want to obey the rules with which they agree.

And so, we share a few links on the topic starting with a left-leaning Catholic mag headquartered here in Kansas City:

Time to put the 'catholic' back into the Catholic Church

What does the reaction to Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis' motu proprio restoring the restrictions on the traditional Latin Mass that existed before 2007, tell us about the necessity of the documen...

Pope Francis Takes Aim at the Latin Mass - and His Own Faithful | National Review

This may be the most significant act of Francis's pontificate; and it's nothing more than bullying iconoclasm. ast week, Pope Francis completely reversed the policy of his living predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, when it comes to the traditional Latin Mass. And he did it without warning his bishops, and while showily exhibiting his personal animosities and neuroses.

Pope Francis restricts Latin Mass that calls for the conversion of the Jews

JTA - Pope Francis has restricted the use of the Latin Mass, a form of the liturgy favored by traditionalist Catholics that calls for the conversion of the Jews and that until 2008 included a reference to Jewish "blindness."

Many Catholics who felt lost after Vatican II found comfort in the Latin Mass. Now, they are hurting again.

There were many exorcisms at my baptism. I gasped when the deacon showed me the text. It was several pages thick, packed with stern rebukes for the minions of Satan. Infant baptisms are relatively brief in the extraordinary form, but adult converts get a more thorough cleansing.

Four Reasons Francis had to restrict the traditional Latin Mass - Catholic Herald

This opinion piece will not be tactfully phrased. Many essays in the past few days have tried to balance both positive and negative views of Traditionis Custodes, the new motu proprio issued by Pope Francis concerning the traditional Latin Mass. This article reflects my experience from the trenches.

Developing . . .