Kansas City Complaints About Illegal Fireworks & Gunfire: Racist?!?!

Just about every social media group and neighborhood surveillance forum in Kansas City is jam packed with residents crying out in vain over rampant gunfire and illegal fireworks.

The 4th of July tradition seems to be increasingly angering locals as the plague concludes.

However . . .

In the aftermath of a cultural shift, homeowner griping confronts increased scrutiny from progressive critics. 

A private Midtown FB group has devolved into a blood feud thanks to this well-placed bit of commentary:

"So much privilege apparent in this post. These complaints are really just another excuse to harass young people of color at night. Fireworks are sold by the cartload in the suburbs and in rural areas but your complaints aren't directed at wholesalers. You'd rather target Black and brown children with your frivolous calls to police. Shame on you. All I see is just more . . . oppression and neighborhood associations wanting to enforce systemic racism on the community . . . Your former president said it best. Sad."

Of course this started a productive discussion about rules for fireworks, ordinances and personal responsibility.

Also, I think the two white women embroiled in this online discussion scheduled a fight to the death at a nearby coffee shop.

Even more interestingly and noteworthy . . . 


Credit where it's due and agree or disagree . . . He's not afraid to put his opinion out there and endure the debate . . .

A quote from Mr. Washington's Twitter . . .

"A example of White supremacy & Institutional racism regarding Black & White crimes highlighted by the KC Press, the KCPD & Politicians. They advocate for a White child who’s case is solved as they ignore Black kids’ murder cases that are unsolved! 

The mother of Blair Shanahan has done nothing to impact crime or shootings in KCMO. All she has done is take attention away from the murders of Black children cases that need tips. Her daughter’s case has been solved for years!!!"

Here's a few more resources on the topic as authorities plead with locals to leave fireworks displays to the pros and stop the dangerous cowtown tradition of celebratory gunfire . . . Read more and DON'T GET TOO UPSET given that discussions over race/class/gender incite far greater interest than public safety warnings that are, obviously, habitually ignored . . .

Mother of celebratory gunfire victim urges Kansas Citians not to shoot on Fourth of July

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ten years after her daughter's death, Michele Shanahan DeMoss still finds it hard to believe her daughter was a victim of celebratory gunfire. "I still am in disbelief that she died as the result of something that didn't need to happen, shouldn't have happened, (was) completely preventable, and senseless," she said Thursday at a press conference with police, city and state officials.

Pregnant mom, 3-year-old facing long recovery after Raytown duplex explosion

RAYTOWN, Mo. - A woman and child were badly hurt Monday night when a duplex exploded in Raytown. A man also died in the explosion, now blamed on illegal fireworks. Family said he was 31 years old. Crews have been outside for two days now, investigating and securing the site.

'Your life is not worth that': Illegal fireworks a continuous problem in Kansas City metro

One man is dead after an explosion of illegal fireworks in the basement of a duplex in Raytown, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in Kansas City. Three others are in the hospital, including two children.

Fourth of July: Where is it legal to shoot off fireworks in the Kansas City area?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fireworks stands are popping up on both sides of the state line now that sales are legal ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. But just because you can buy fireworks in both Kansas and Missouri doesn't mean you can buy or shoot them off in every city in the Kansas City area.

Developing . . .