Kansas City Community Journalism Begging For Support

We have respect for these Kansas City journalists because they're up front about the economic hardship confronting community news.

TKC has taken donations but generally we believe the model is a dead end and doesn't a sustainable avenue for critical thought and local journalism. 

Because we have a cynical view of human nature we believe the journalism donation model turns into nothing more than self-perpetuating cycle of financially incentivized groveling. Put simply: People just end up paying for the news they they want to read, watch or listen to and uncomfortable facts, opinions and insights are tuned out and de-incentivized when, in fact, they're essential to the discourse and a greater understanding of the world around us. 

This theory might change if TKC ever develops a decent tote bag design.

Then again the "sing for your supper" journalism donation model is why NPR is pretty much the dominant Kansas City news outlet right now but most people just use it as background noise and the local station has little to no impact on public policy.

Accordingly, here's two of our favorite news outlets asking for cash . . . Supporting the institutions is probably worth it for people who have the cash . . . Read more . . .

Northeast News is on Patreon!

The Northeast News a weekly community newspaper that serves Kansas City's oldest and most diverse community. Founded in 1932, the paper was purchased by Michael Bushnell and Christine Adams in 1998, and has evolved over time to include various social media platforms and a weekly podcast.

KCUR needs your help to keep the signals over the air

KCUR is in need of your help! The transmitter used to put their fantastic news coverage into the comfort of your car is getting older (we know some of you Millennials might not want to hear that right now) and is in need of replacing.

You decide . . .