Kansas City Civil Rights Leaders Demand Feds Investigate Police

Just a few moments ago the newspaper was sent a press release and they dutifully printed it without providing one bit of analysis, context or perspective.

To wit and with just a quick look at the big picture so that neither activists nor their detractors get carried away with themselves and take this bad theater too seriously . . . 

Kansas City civil rights "leaders" boldly demand federal investigation despite efforts to oust the Chief going NOWHERE . . . Fast. 

Real talk: Chief Smith looks like he'll make it to the end of the year, again, and then some.

Credit to KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS, we had a vague sneak peek of this move LAST WEEK.

Now, per ushe, our local gossip is news fact. 

Accordingly, here's the newspaper playing stenographer from behind the luxury of their paywall . . . 

"The civil rights groups are organized under the umbrella of The Urban Council, which includes the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City, More2, the Kansas City Black United Front and the NAACP’s Kansas City branch.

"The leadership of that association will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. this morning on the steps of the Charles Evans Whittaker U.S. Courthouse in downtown Kansas City."

Developing . . .