Kansas City Chiefs Should Prep For Frank Clark Departure

Look closely at football headlines and notice the sports world preparing Kansas City Chiefs fans for an impending departure of an embattled All-Pro.

Here's the important part of the discussion . . .

"While there is a presumption of innocence in the American legal system, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is under no such constraints . . .The Chiefs will have to think about the longer term. Clark faces the possibility of two trials, either of which could result in incarceration that takes him out for some or all of the 2022 season."

It's interesting that Mr. Clark's previous gun offense is being downplayed despite the fact that it might impact any sentencing or consideration from a judge.

Accordingly, here's a peek at the discussion and hard time(s) confronting the Chiefs as they fight to get back to the Super Bowl. 

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The Kansas City Chiefs Need To Start Planning To Fill a Major Hole in Their Defense

Frank Clark's situation is likely to get worse before it gets better, and that's bad news for the Kansas City Chiefs. A team with relatively few weaknesses suddenly faces the prospect of losing its only reliable edge rusher because Clark's legal issues are more serious than originally thought.

Frank Clark named most overrated player on KC Chiefs roster

A list of the most overrated players on each and every one of the 32 NFL franchises was published at Pro Football Network recently and, at this point, it would be hard for anyone to argue with their choice for the K.C. Chiefs: defensive end Frank Clark.

NFL star caught with UZI inside Lambo during California traffic stop'

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark was charged in Los Angeles Friday with felony possession of an assault weapon, faces up to three years in prison Clark was previously arrested on March 13 after a traffic stop when officers found a firearm and two loaded guns in the car

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