Kansas City Chiefs Forgive Frank Clark For Uzi Charge

Of course we believe that EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty and one of the best ballers on the team deserves to have his day in court.

And so, just as the smarter KICK-ASS TKC READERS suggested . . . It's unlikely that a Kansas City Chiefs star will suffer serious consequences for this gun charge that might not be as serious as some contend. 

Meanwhile, what's important is that locals garnered a glimpse into the real life of local pro-athletes that's far more sordid than middle-class sports talkers seem to understand.

Prep for the future . . .

"Coach Reid said that if the league were to discipline Clark for the incident or incidents, the Chiefs would manage with the defensive ends they have on the roster."

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Andy Reid on Frank Clark: he'll be here, and we'll go forward

In early July, Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark was charged with felony possession of an assault weapon stemming from his March arrest, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office . Clark's arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday, July 14.