Kansas City Alternative Hot Take: Air Show Push Back

Here's the deal . . . 


Everything else is just talking points, partisan garbage or bland content fodder to play in between commercials. 

Still, debating ideology with strangers isn't really our bag. 

So before we even get started with this controversial conversation . . . For now here's what might qualify as a mission statement that sounds a lot better than "a quest" to mix fair use cleavage pix with local content . . .

TKC is a blog community news resource that shares the news we find interesting, offers our snark and then let the locals, regulars, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, and dickheads have at it . . . More or less.

And so these pix and a hot take offer a brief respite from all of today's not so scintillating local news promotional content . . . 

Check the word we might not agree with but seems like an interesting alternative perspective . . . 

Olathe Sounds Like Baghdad

"Its a very special bank holiday honoring air pirate Donald ''Rummy'' Rumsfeld.

"I believe there's a TKC link of arrests when the Cambodian Carpet Bomber came to Truman Library to pimp war?"

I THINK that's anti-war criticism of today's air show noise from above . . . Also, readers of our blog often complain about old school houses shaken by the planes. 

And, of course, the majority of our blog readers enjoy the tribute and military flex in the sky.

Seeing war planes above Downtown Kansas City has always been a treat for TKC for a lot of reasons that also include a desire to witness MILLIONS worth of tax dollars in action without the fear of imminent death that typically accompanies that kind of view.

You decide . . .