Kansas City Activists Demand Cash & Free Rent As Evictions Loom!!!

So, it turns out Prez Biden isn't going to save MILLIONS of people that are soon to be kicked to the curb.

Moreover, the economic impact of this housing crisis will be "significant" and it's probably too late to cash in on an EPIC home sale.

In more entertaining recent news . . .


File this under "Christmas in July" because it's been awhile since we've seen such an extravagant list.

Meanwhile, back in the real world the situation for po'folk is looking even more dire and there's NOBODY coming to help. 

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Residents displaced for new Jackson County jail announce demands

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents of the Heart Village Mobile Home Park found out last week that they will be displaced from their homes because Jackson County bought the land to build a new jail - and now they have some demands.

US states brace for 'avalanche' of evictions as federal moratorium ends

or months, Denise Forcer would get stressed just by opening her closet. The crush of belongings stuffed inside reminded her she didn't know where she would go or what she would do if her landlord followed through with the eviction notices they kept posting on the door of her south Florida apartment.

"I'm terrified": Millions in U.S. face eviction as moratorium nears end

CBS News Lavita Harvey is well aware the federal moratorium on evictions ends Saturday. The Las Vegas mother of two teenagers lost both of her jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and has been unable to pay her $900-per-month rent. "I'm terrified. Job offers are coming in but they're coming in very slowly," she told CBS News.

With evictions set to restart, housing advocates fear another coronavirus wave

When the Centers for Disease Control extended eviction protections for renters one more time last month, to July 31, it said in no uncertain terms the extension would be the last.

As Federal Moratorium On Evictions Expire, Renters Face Obstacles On Receiving Assistance

The national moratorium on evictions is set to expire on Saturday. Meanwhile, local governments are trying to spend billions of dollars in federal rental assistance. But some are finding that tenants are not always getting the money they need. WABE's Stephannie Stokes reports.

Rental, Utility Assistance Available When Eviction Moratorium Expires Saturday

Written By: Press Release Posted by David Elliott Published Date: 07-29-2021 Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), the state's housing finance agency, has provided $21,670,326.79 in emergency rental and utility assistance to 4,054 Kansas households experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic.

The US eviction moratorium ends on July 31. Here's what you need to know

In September 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a ban on evictions, pointing to a law that grants the agency power to prevent the inter-state spread of communicable diseases. After four extensions, that ban expires on Saturday (July 31), spelling uncertainty for millions of renters across the US.

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