Johnson County Schools Confront COVID Mask Orders

As the delta variant continues to garner headlines, here's a peek at the golden ghetto proceeding through the plague with an abundance of caution on behalf of the NEXTGEN.

Check-it . . .

In a letter sent to the superintendents and school boards of Johnson County’s six public school districts, JCDHE Director Sanmi Areola, PhD; and Local Health Officer Joseph LeMaster, MD, wrote that JCDHE “recommends that school boards implement a policy that requires indoor mask wearing among persons who are not fully vaccinated.”

The letter also urges school districts to “strongly promote vaccination among your eligible students, faculty and staff.”

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Johnson County health officials recommend requiring indoor masks at public schools this fall

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment on Friday issued a new set of recommendations aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in schools - recommendations that may put school boards at odds with public health officials.