Jackson County Democrats Predict 'Absurd' Missouri Gun Law Will Be Overturned

The Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act has sparked outcry amongst local Democratic Party leaders who connect the issue to local crime despite the fact that most murders are committed with handguns that NOBODY is taking away any time soon.

Nevertheless . . .

Here's political support after a divided County government joined a lawsuit against the controversial legislation this week.

Here's an important part of the message from the Jackson County Democrats . . .

Local Governments Sue State Over Unconstitutional Gun Law

St. Louis city and St. Louis County officials filed a joint lawsuit in Cole County on June 22 seeking to block a new state law purporting to declare federal gun laws invalid and unenforceable in Missouri and punishing local police who assist with investigations. Since the U.S. Supreme Court long ago established that states have no authority to nullify federal law, a lawsuit challenging the Missouri’s new statute had been expected.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas was quick in showing his support and wanted the city to join the lawsuit. The Jackson County Legislature voted yesterday to join as well.

“This new law is like the state holding out a sign that says ‘Come Commit Gun Violence Here,’” St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, a Democrat and UMKC alum, said in a joint news release with St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones announcing the lawsuit.

Republican Gov. Mike Parson signed the measure, House Bill 85, into law on June 15. Three days later, the U.S. Department of Justice sent Parson a letter warning that the state had no authority to interfere in the enforcement of federal law and asking for a response concerning how Missouri planned to implement its new law or prevent federal officials from performing their duties. On June 17, Parson and Attorney General Eric Schmitt, also a Republican, responded.

In addition to claiming to nullify federal gun laws, HB 85 authorizes federal gun offenders to sue local Missouri police for a minimum $50,000 per occurrence, plus attorney fees, for assisting federal authorities. The bill also subjects any local government to similar fines merely for hiring a former federal agent who previously enforced gun laws, regardless of whether that person is being hired in a law enforcement capacity.

The bill passed on party-line votes in both chambers with Republicans in support and Democrats opposed.  This absurd law has been years in the making for far right Republicans in Missouri being filed and debated in the legislature over the past several sessions, each time being met with the same comments from legal experts that it will quickly be overturned in court if passed.  The case, City of St. Louis, et al., v. State of Missouri, hasn’t yet been set for a hearing. 


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