Jackson County Democrats Condemn Guv Parson On COVID, Again!!!

The pandemic is not only a horrific plague that continues to circle the planet and mutate, it's also a leading election issue and fodder for ongoing political attacks.

One of the most important from today's news cycle . . .

Jackson County Democrats: Governor Parson Signs COVID Protection (for businesses) Bill

As new COVID-19 cases spike sharply in Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson signed Senate Bill 51 into law on July 7 providing businesses, health care providers, nursing homes and religious institutions with blanket immunity from most lawsuits related to exposure to the disease.
The new law will take effect Aug. 28.
Closing the courthouse doors to most claims relating to COVID-19 exposure has been a top priority for Parson and business groups such as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry since the pandemic began.
The legislation passed the Missouri House of Representatives 97-57.

While Parson and the Republican legislature are worried about protecting businesses, Missouri now accounts for 10% of the nation's new positive COVID tests as vaccinations, especially in rural areas, remain tragically low.


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