Internets 'News' Favors RINOS In Missouri & Kansas

Once again we notice quite a few "news outlets" syndicating partisan talking points and calling it journalism.

TKC isn't mad at their hustle but we feel sorry for so many newsies left out of the clique.

Here's the deal . . . 

Since the newspaper is down on its luck, progressives have devised their own blogs in order to carry talking points to the suckers faithful. 

Local "journalists" without jobs now have a place to file schlock at cut-rate prices. Sadly, not everybody gets benefits.

The public interest . . . Your liberal auntie gets something to read and share via social media in exchange for a 100+ buck per month donation.

And we get to realize that the journalism degree from a state school or a 3rd choice "lower" Ivy League institution is actually worthwhile in terms of making friends who might be willing to pay a few bucks in exchange for a 1000 word polemic.

However . . .

Back in the real world Prez Trump is taking apart RINOS . . .

Trump says his supporters 'cry over the Rigged Election' as he lashes out at 'RINOs'

Former president Donald Trump has painted a dramatic picture of his recent rally audiences, depicting his supporters as weeping over his 2020 election defeat and enraged at his enemies within the Republican Party. "All they want is HOPE for their Great Country again," the former president wrote in a maudlin on Monday.

Nevertheless, online for the true believers, here's the local retort wherein political opponents pretend to give friendly advice . . .

Missouri Republicans should see Kansas as a political cautionary tale * Missouri Independent

In 2012, I wrote a column seeking to explain the rightward shift in Missouri politics over the previous decade. The title was cribbed from the popular 2007 Thomas Frank book, What's The Matter With Kansas, which chronicled that state's evolution from a place famous for its prairie radicalism to one characterized by an ever-escalating culture war that initially helped solidify Republican dominance, but has ultimately opened the door for a Democratic return to the governor's mansion.

You decide . . .